A Mythical Luxury from the Caspian Sea.Beluga caviar is an ancient, exotic delicacy. 


Try the world's most expensive caviar, Beluga, and feel like ancient tzars felt many, many years ago. The uncommonly large eggs of the Beluga caviar range in color from light to dark grey, with a glossy finish. The processed product is graded according to its color: the lighter the nearly translucent envelope of the roe, the higher its grade and price. The first taste impression is perfectly balanced with its texture and its delicate buttery flavor. Beluga caviar is unique because of the finish that lasts and lasts, which is what gives so much character to its refined aromas. For even greater experience add a glass of champagne.


A must try caviar for caviar lovers! Great gift for your special one.

Iranian Beluga Caviar

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