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Finlandia Caviar is a truly unique idea of a culinary experience within the high-end market. Currently, operating shop in Helsinki has successfully caused the interest of local customers and thousands of international tourists.

As we continue to grow, we’re looking for entrepreneurs to join a success story still in the making.

The Ideal Candidate

What we look for in franchisees is strong leadership skills, a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a will to grow and do better. Previous experience in the restaurant sector is highly valued.

The Ideal Location

Choosing the right location is essential. The venue should be located in a busy, well-established area. High-end clothing shops and other valued brands should be found nearby. The location should be popular within the wealthy locals as well as have a large flow of tourists. Downtown areas, as well as popular sightseeing locations, are an asset.

Finlandia Caviar is targeted at 30-60 age bracket. For those who already appreciate caviar and oysters, and those who are looking for new experiences.

The Venue You Choose Requires Following

  • Visibility: high

  • Dining area: 40-60m2

  • Kitchen: 15-20m2

  • Storage: 8-15m2

  • Seating capacity: 14-28

  • Small terrace

Financial Requirements

Initial Investment 100,000€-150,000€

Liquid cash requirement 70,000€

Ongoing Fees

Initial Franchise fee 25,000€

Ongoing Royalty Fee 3%

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