Finlandia Caviar's most favorite dish! Four types of sturgeon caviar, white toast, 80g dark truffle butter, and smetana. The collection is suggested to be shared for two persons.


Finlandia Caviar's selected caviars in one package! For caviar enthusiasts and beginners. Four different types of caviar served simultaneously side by side is a great way to find your own favorite! 


10g Siberian Sturgeon - Black, small grains with the fresh scent of the sea

10g White Sturgeon - Dark grey, medium-size grains with soft, creamy and a bit buttery taste

10g Russian Sturgeon ''Oscietra'' - Light grey/yellow/golden, large size grains filled with the strong scent of the sea, how caviar is supposed to be!

10g Kaluga - Light golden, extremely large grains strong flavor with a pleasant, mild aftertaste


Preparation: Open the caviar tins and place them on a serving platter. Toast the bread, apply a thin layer of dark truffle butter. Serve caviar together with smetana and toast.

Caviar Collection ''Set Of Four''

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