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Oyster Fest 2024
by Finlandia Caviar

26.10. 2024

Oyster Fest 2024 – an oyster opening competition and a culinary event



Vanha Talvitie 14, 00580 Helsinki

Agroksenmäki's vaulted cellar in Hermann, Helsinki is a 150-year-old brewery warehouse and barrel maker's workshop. Its nautical

interior suits perfectly to this event.

The description of the event

Oyster Fest 2024 is an oyster opening competition. In this fun and memorable event, which lasts the whole day, culinary experts and professionals open their points of view about oysters and their skills to the festival guests.

Oyster Fest 2024 is a splendid opportunity to get to know the world of oysters, and taste wines and delicacies which fit well with oysters. The participants of the event are connoisseurs of gastronomy and wines, restaurant professionals, food journalists and bloggers and of course the guests who arrive to the festival. 

Our guests of honour are Anti Lepik and Johann Schlag. Lepik has won the world championship of oyster opening several times. Schlag has won the Finnish championship for multiple times. They will guide the guests, how to choose, open, prepare and enjoy the oyster.

Different kinds of oysters and a selection of champagnes and wine are available to purchase trhough the whole event.

In the oyster opening competition there will be approximately 20 patricipants with their supporters from all parts of Finland. The wine importers will represent their products, which the guests can taste during the event. There will be also food companies involved, like Metrotukku with its products. During the event we will be able to enjoy live music. A DJ will also entertain us.


You can either buy your ticket in advance or from the entrance. We can accommodate in maximum 200 guests. The entrance fee includes according to the ticket type either 6 different oysters and a drink (wine, beer or soft drink) or 12 different oysters and 2 drinks (wine, beer or soft drink).



Vanha Talvitie 14, 00580 Helsinki

About 20 competitors and their support groups from different restaurants around Finland participate in the oyster opening competition. Wine suppliers present their own wines and there is an opportunity to taste and buy new products.

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