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About us

Beautiful fish restaurant in the center of Helsinki.
Service in our restaurant is always top notch.
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Finlandia Caviar is a family company run by Valeria Hirvonen and her son Kirill Siren. Both of them have been working with fish, roe, caviar and other seafoods for decades, Kirill Siren ever since his youth. Valeria Hirvonen has been awarded as the the woman entrepreneur of the year in 2012.

In 2014 they opened the first caviar bar in Finland to the heart of Helsinki in Eteläranta 20. Its elegant interior, which expresses the simple Nordic style in its best, is designed by Joanna Laajisto, the awarded interior architect of year 2018. In addition to the large, self-imported selection of oysters you can find truffle products in Finlandia Caviar. Not only the locals, but also the tourists seeking the highest quality have found Finlandia Caviar.

Finlandia Caviar sells the best roe, caviar and truffle products in its shop and also online.

Quick delivery in thermal box!

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