About Finlandia Caviar

Finlandia Caviar is known not only as of the first caviar shop in Helsinki

but as well as one of the best oysters restaurants in Finland.

In addition to oysters, we offer the largest collection of different roes and


We are a family business known as experts in luxury seafood products.

At Finlandia Caviar Shop&Restaurant we are committed to providing the

freshest seafood available by using only trusted suppliers.

Our Shop&Restaurant is on the top of the to-do list for visitors in Helsinki but

as s well for locals. Finlandia Caviar is a very special place, designed in

Scandinavian winter colors, decorated with quality&style furnishing. 

Allow yourself to be amazed by our 5-star style Shop&Restaurant which

will take you to the uncompromised standard dining experience.

Located in the sophisticated neighborhood of Helsinki, Finlandia Caviar

is a must-visit place when you are in search of excellence!

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