Ideal for enhancing various dishes. Spread on croutons or toast as a base for delicious bruschetta or use to prepare delicious first courses, especially spaghetti and tagliatelle. Also excellent for cooking and flavoring main courses of meat or fish, potatoes and eggs. 

For 100 gr. of product: 

Nutritional values med x 100 g. 

Energy kJ 3053.38 kJ 

Energy kcal 729.87 kcal 

Fat (lipids) tot. 80.16 g 

- of which saturated fats 46.60 g 

Carbohydrates 1.06 g 

- of which sugars 1.06 g 

Protein 1.06 g 

Salt 0.79 g 

Country of origin: Italy 

Truffle butter dressing with Bianchetto truffle 6%